Cincinnati Field Report: Day 2

Cincinnati, Ohio. August 30, 2015. 
9:01 p.m. CST
77 degrees Fahrenheit. 77% humidity. 

Today in the Queen City actually had me driving all around it, north in the middle of corn country. The temperature was hot all day (high 80s/low 90s) but the humidity was pretty mild so it was nice! I loved being out in the country and hitting the pedal, pushing 70 at times and making my stomach flip on the hills. With the window down and the country blasting, it was pretty hard to beat!

I also loved the rural communities I passed through with ramshackled businesses and barns just waiting to be photographed (if only I could have stopped!) One image that caught my imagination was an old-timer sitting outside a gas station, smoking a cigarette and sporting some finely worn cowboy boots. His big-framed glasses glinting in a scowl forged long ago on his rawhide face.

The people were still nice, albeit a little old fashioned. One school I visited in Harrison was hosting an assembly for the Boy Scouts. Now I love the Boy Scouts, but I could hear the clear distinction between students’ enthusiasm between arts/crafts and sports/games. Can’t blame the children of Harrison but the principal didn’t need to clearly show more favorability to the Scout Leader than the lowly artist… grumble grumble social norms grumble… which makes me comment on the current political landscape out there.

I see why Ohio is a battleground state and even more so, I see why it will be hard for HRC to put in in the Win Column. I never once saw anything that expressed interest in the Democratic Party but countless signs and spray-painted billboards invoking the name of Trump. To each there own, but I certainly haven’t seen this level of support for the Republican nominee in Minnesota… And one more political topic, if I may, is whenever I see a Confederate flag flying in a NORTHERN state I do get riled. This even happened in Maine and I thought, “you know, at least in the South you could make the argument of heritage not hate, but anywhere north of the Mason-Dixon and you’re just an asshole.” So here’s to you, asshole. May the world know that you live in Harrison, Ohio.

Rebel Flag_.jpg

When my work was done for the day I decompressed at a Frisch’s Big Boy where I enjoyed a burger, fries and Dr. Pepper. An old favorite and Cincinnati must, my grandmother once worked there back in the 1950s. It’s a tradition!

Big Boy and I.jpg

After the grub I traipsed around the massive, sprawling Eden Park (near my lodging). This enormous landscape overlooks the Ohio River and Kentucky beyond. Simply gorgeous. And so many Pokemon! I ran my phone’s battery into the ground catching and evolving, but it was worth it; I’m definitely going to spend some more time there. Also, down the road is the William Howard Taft National Historic Site. Don’t mind if I do!

Eden Park.jpg


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