Cincinnati Field Report: Day 1

Cincinnati, Ohio. August 29, 2016.
Time: 8:41 Eastern Standard Time
Temperature: 80 Degrees/ 81% Humidity

I left St. Paul, MN at 11:00 AM on Sunday morning and arrived at my lodging in the Eden Park neighborhood of Cincinnati, OH that night at 12:15. I was very tired. Yet the ride was actually quite comfortable in my rented Dodge Dart.

Roadtrip Rainbow in Illinois.jpg

Today I woke up at 6:15 and started visited schools in the surrounding areas, really getting into the country, back roads and all. An hour east of Cincinnati is typical Midwestern corn country, but I was wowed by impressive pockets of real deciduous forests. The Ohio River really does mark the blurred line between North, South, and Midwest in terms of geography and demographics. Most locals I spoke to had a distinctive drawl to their voices and pronouncing “Bengals” as “Bingles”. The small city of Loveland definitely stuck out to me. A beautifully scenic town on the Little Miami river with an abundance of recreational activities such as white water rafting, hiking, canoeing, and bike trails. I definitely want to stay there sometime! Plus, not to mention the Frogmen of lore…

FrogmanMost everywhere, however, was common Americana. The outdoor retail outlets and communities connected by a sprawling highway network. Everyone seemed cheerful, however, and nobody was outright rude (although I could sense they’d rather be doing something else at times). I also generally found that people liked being in Cincinnati and liked their home, eager to share with me what I should do with my (spare?) time.

After my work was done for the day I did drive over to the William Henry Harrison Memorial in North Bend, overlooking the river. The weather was very hot and humid, probably close to a hundred, but the forest of the park was cool and lush. On my way back from North Bend it sun-showered for a few minutes, hard enough for me to deploy the windshield wipers. There was another rainbow.


Then I grabbed a five-way Skyline chili and gorged. Now I am very tired and will probably, definitely sleep hard tonight.



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