Marvelous Tales Of Misadventure! An Introduction

Friends, today begins the weird, scary and true tales of adventures I have had in my life. Next April I will reach a quarter-century in age and I am proud to say that while most have not traveled so far as the county line in those twenty-five years, I have crisscrossed the eastern U.S. and been to the U.K. twice.

Pish-posh say most. I concede that the opposite rings true; that many of my peers have gone to and seen most of the civilized world already. Almost daily, it seems, that my Facebook feed shows pictures of another backpacking excursion in Europe, camel riding in Egypt and the peaks of the Andes. While I admit that my international travels have been limited, I will not apologize.

l (1)
Mayan pyramid in southern Mexico.

Let the pleasure-seekers be content with their Louves and camels. How many of them can boast of swimming through an alligator infested swamp? I know one day I will outgrow the American lands and venture overseas, but until then I am very determined to get my fair share of domestic adventures. Of American adventures. I am proud to say that, yes, I have gotten lost in both a Florida swamp and the west side of Philadelphia. That I have stared down a black bear in the mountains of Tennessee and outwitted a drug smuggler in Albany, New York.

What I hope to accomplish with these strange but true tales of my travels is to entertain the reader in a fashion not unlike the great dime store novels of the last century. I want to tell my stories while making the reader want to hear them. I can promise you that each of these accounts is 100% true, if not always 100% factual. With that in mind, I challenge you to take hold of our great American landscape and squeeze every inch of adventure out of it. Go on. It’s right outside your door.


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